About us

This site shows the life and work of our family - we are two people (brother Nikolai and sister Lisa) and a lot of dogs.
We invite you to a tourist adventure to your home!
Dogs from our kennel take part in exhibitions and races.
We  goes producing team of sled dog athletes.
It is a joy and a treat to see the amazing passion and work ethic that these talented dogs have for the sport as they progress through their phases of training, from adorable puppy to fully-equipped champion athlete.
The most talented Husky participate in circus performances at children's partie.
You will certainly gain respect and admiration for these beautiful animals and the hard work and dedication that they put in.
Experience for yourself what a real Russian lifestyle looks like, and discover the hard work  our family two people and make friends with no less hardworking and charming huskies!

All the photos presented on the site depict our kennel, our faces and our dogs.  they are not downloaded from the drains and are not sold on the drains. Each photo has its own copyright holder (some photos belong to us, some are posted with the permission of the photographers). Please treat this with respect.  Ask for permission before downloading.